Pornography addiction, like any other addiction, destroys lives. 
It can have a huge emotional toll on a couple’s relationship, a family’s dynamics, and a person’s ability to truly love. The addiction can cause embarrassment, lose interest in physical intimacy, deceit. Not only does it have an emotional effect, but it can also have financial, physical, and psychological ones as well. At Porn Addiction Recovery, we have many ways to help guide you through the addiction treatment process. 

Some signs of pornography addiction include:

  • Spending large amounts of time looking at pornography
  • Not being able to top using pornography
  • Becoming angry or hostile when confronted about the issue
  • Losing interest in intimacy with one’s partner
  • Losing interest in other social activities
  • Keeping pornography, a secret from loved ones

We recognize that, in our modern society of television, advertisements, and clothing choices, overcoming a pornography addiction can be even more challenging than overcoming other forms of addiction. This is because, unlike drug or alcohol addictions where one commits to never take the first drink or hit, pornographic images are often thrust upon people via email, magazines, storefronts, advertisements, videos, and television. Therefore, overcoming a pornography addiction requires being able and willing to “spit out” the first proverbial hit of drink, perpetually, as society forces pornographic and near-pornographic images on an everyday basis.

If you or a loved one is suffering from any of these symptoms, or if you have been harmed by your loved one’s use of pornography, contact us today. Begin your road to recovery by developing powerful strategies to overcome pornography addiction. 
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